I've been through some dark period recently, and what's happening now is that I'm reconnecting myself with many things and people, inside and outside

Last month I bought a mobile phone. In this way I can reach my friends more easily. It was a part of a movement I'm trying to do in next months: to have a place of my own. A room of one's own, as Virginia Woolf would said.
This is something I begun some years ago. Now I have to do the rest of the changes needed, and most of all, find the job, that would allow me to stand for myself in this world. I work at the booksotre, but it's only part-time, and doesn't allow me to live by myself. I do a lot of things for RIMA and Hipólita Ediciones, but it's all adhonorem.

Meanwhile I'm reconnecting. It's strange cause I'm almost on-line all the time, but somehow I managed to hide, and what's been hurtful, I didn't speak to my friends in a long time.
I went to Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres in Córdoba, and met with so many good friends I didn't see in ages
And last week I could finally attend Marcha del Orgullo. Again I talked and shared this awesome experience with friends and after that we've been talking with Gabrielaa and it was again refreshing, reconnecting, funny, deep talking
Cause we share a lot, and we work together in RIMA, and we are on line a lot, have romantic relationships with girls, and we needed to have a talk about all these and evrything else that go through them, and go under, above or go through the core of those things.

And I really feel reconnected, and this is also amazing about RIMA, too.
and tomorrow I'll travel again to BA on my own. I'll talk in a lecture about RIMA, and meet some friends and colleagues, journalists and from the feminist movement. Great!