something for a change

Since the beginning of this year I met a lot of new friends with whom I talk in English, basically cause we share a lot in an online role-playing game known as popomundo
So now I decided to post here something in English, cause now we got to know many of us outside the game phrames.
Well we are in Springtime now in this part of the world, a season I particularly like a lot.
It means for me to get out from 'the hut', and enjoy open air again. And this year winter was one of the cruelest in the last decades, so I've been inside my house a lot, too much I'm afraid.
To begin with I live in a beautiful riverside city: Rosario in Santa Fe, Argentina. The river is the Paraná, one of the most important ones in the country and South America.
I have the luck to live a few blocks away form the river, from a huge monument, the Monumento a la Bandera, which is facing the river, and a beautiful park, Parque Urquiza, where I like to go for a walk, or enjoy sometime outdoors, or when I have time and I'm in the mood for it, do some jogging, too.
So these are my days of going to work at the bookstore, do some work at home, and try to go out alone, with friends, and enjoy Springtime, and like last night, attend a poetry reading at the University. I have the luck to listen to Mirta Rosenberg and Arturo Carrera. I've enjoyed both, and Arturo particularly read a series called "cuatro estaciones" (Four railway stations, a gameword in Spanish, 'estaciones' means 'seasons' and also railway or bus station) He revsited his childhood, as he have done in previous books, and he does it full of feelings, and leting the readers and listeners, like yesterday, be part of it.